Nayar Systems, a company linked with Espaitec, the Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Jaume I, has signed a strategic commercial agreement with the French firm Sérénité 24h/24 to commercialise its products and services for connected lifts in France. Nayar Systems and Sérénité 24h/24 are allies and will lead the huge technological change to be made in lifts in the French market.

This allows Nayar Systems to continue to reinforce its internationalisation process. The company from Castellón has signed a strategic commercial agreement with the firm Sérénité 24h/24, whose main aim involves the French company commercialising the technological connectivity solutions developed by Nayar Systems for French lifts maintenance firms. So the Spanish firm’s technology will be introduced into the French market to contribute to the digitalisation and modernisation of the lifts sector in France.

With this agreement, it is worth stressing that Nayar Systems reinforces its leadership position in the lifts sector because it is present in the Portuguese, German, Chinese, and now the French, markets, and it covers 70% of the French lifts market. As pointed out by Alexis Nadal, Nayar Systems’ CEO, “this agreement with Sérénité24h/24 as a partner to commercialise our net4machines solution in France allows us to offer a solution that adapts to the French market for the remote control of lifts and their predictive maintenance”.

Nayar Systems: its expansion in France

The proposed technological connectivity solutions by Nayar Systems, will allow the telecommunication networks of lifts to be transformed in the French market as they will offer an intelligent change by necessarily abandoning DTMF signals, whose level and quality gradually deteriorate. In this way, lifts maintenance firms will be able to access the world of IP data networks by offering owners of lifts solutions to open the door to an expected evolution. Among this variety of solutions, installing 4G (IP connectivity in lifts, the reliability of remote alarms, bidirectional technical supervision of lifts’ operation, deciding on predictive technology, or dynamic management using connected screens) stands out.

On the other hand, the firm Sérénité 24h/24 has been working for the past 15 years with lift maintenance companies, mainly SMEs, all over France. Jaune de Mars provides companies from the lifts industry SIM (machine-to-machine) cards and develops software to manage connected lifts. Bluewave Technologies commercialises technological solutions to connect lifts. The French firm specialises in offering product supplies, and technical and commercial assistance, to install them, and a wide range of commercial solutions for end customers; plus access to web software to, in turn, access all the new services, which offer technological solutions, and manage secure services and technology on their platforms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finally, Nayar Systems has become a technology partner that offers its customers technical solutions towards operational excellence. By signing the strategic agreement with Sérénité 24h/24, the company from Castellón opts to commercialise its products and solutions on the French market, and becomes a well-established supplier of industrial IoT services for the lifts sector in France.