The espaitec family continues to grow and now does so with the incorporation of an important company from Castellón, Nayar Systems which specialises in telecommunications engineering. It began in 2007 with its management model based on innovation, quality and the firm option to invest in newly developed technologies. Nowadays it invests 80% of its profits in its R&D&I department.

Nayar Systems is the parent brand of three companies: 72horas, Advertisim and Net4Machines and is found in very different sectors of the telecommunications industry: from lifts to climatisation systems, and large hotel chains. Its versatility, it clearly opting for R&D&I, and its commitment with customers have enabled it to be ever-present in national and international markets. Nowadays, the company has global agreements with leading telecommunication companies, and offers its services in more than 130 countries worldwide. Simplicity, reliability and connectivity are Nayar Systems’ principles; it is there where customers are in complete control of their information and devices.

Its professional development was acknowledged on 4 November when this company stood out from among 145 other candidates and received the Focus Innova Award for the best innovative business development in the Valencian Community. The objective of this award is to acknowledge the best innovative, yet recently created, companies, as well as the spirit and initiative of entrepreneurs in the Valencia Community (East Spain).

Nowadays Nayar Systems has 30 staff members and is found in very different sectors of the telecommunications industry. This company’s vision is based on its objective to maintain innovation in order to lead the revolution of things, while the mission to follow is to innovate in order to connect people with their machines. The objective of its link with espaitec is to strengthen innovation, a basic pillar of this company which, to date, has allowed the Nayar Systems business model to successfully develop.