The company Mediciones y Corrosión S.L (Medco), located in the espaitec 2 building, which forms part of the installations of the Science, Technology and Business Park of the UJI (espaitec), took part in the TV programme Cuarto Milenio last Sunday.

José Javier Gracenea, Doctor of Chemistry and manager of the UJI spin-off, shed some scientific light on the famous faces after performing some chemical analyses, which show that the faces, which appeared in Bélmez de la Moraleda (Jaén) in 1971, contain no paint remains.

To conduct the analyses, this Castellón-based firm took samples from the areas where the faces appeared to analyse the light-coloured cement with the images. After analysing the organic and inorganic parts of the “painted” samples, no chemical compound was found in the analysed areas. Medco’s work does not reflect any material at all that can relate the faces of Bélmez with paint.

Iker Giménez, the presenter of this programme, resorted to Medco as it is a chemical engineering company specialised in offering consultancy and technical assistance to producers and users of coverings. It is a world leader in corrosion assays and, over the years, it has acquired the necessary experience and team to become key technological partners for any project in which paint is developed. Dr. Javier Gracenea is also the Chair of the Spanish Association of Technicians of Paints and Related Products.

If you missed the TV programme, you can watch it here