Engineering firms Mas Ingenieros in Vila-real and Dicomat-Wago in Madrid, in collaboration with espaitec, organised the event “Efficient data collection solutions in industry”. This meeting point between technologies and systems brought together many professionals from the industrial and academy sectors in the province of Castellón.
The objective of this event was to respond to environmental, energy, production and technological demands in the new market around us, and to know the latest trends quickly and dynamically. “Until quite recently, industries co-existed in well-known stable domains, but the new situation introduces novel factors that must be assessed and dealt with specifically case by case. It is here where, among others, available data and what can be done with them play a highly relevant role”, stated Antonio Mas, General Director of Mas Ingenieros and promotor of this event.

By taking an innovative express form, the event was dividied into two parts, each lasting 1 hour. During the first hour, themes like connection and interconnection solutions, control solutions, generic consumer measuring applications, vibration control solutions and generic integrations, as well as platforms to collect, analyse and manage data, were studied. During the second hour, specific solutions were presented for collecting and analysing parameters in a ceramic kiln, along with automatic production parts to efficiently manage time, collect data to analyse OEE on an assembly line, and remote installations management via APP, among others.

The main novelty of this event was the Infoliner Wago parking in the espaitec car park throughout the day. This was a mobile workshop that demonstrated extreme lab tests in automation equipment and electrical connection components, plus a large sample of rapid wiring for buildings, and control and automation systems.