On 14 May, we began the so-called innoBar sessions, a monthly meeting point where all the virtual and physical espaitec Park firms can meet to deal with a theme of business interest and to encourage a meeting place at the same time to do some networking and to create new business opportunities.
To begin with, there will be the talk entitled “Schedule 2.0: the solution to flexibly manage working hours” given by Jordi Ojeda, the Director of Rational Time and a part-time lecturer at the Universitat de Barcelona.
Rational Time will talk about how the need to introduce flexibility measures into firms that help facilitate adapting to demand to become more competitive during an economic crisis draws our attention to the way we manage staff members’ working hours.

Badly managing working hours or flexibility measures can have a significantly negative impact on firms and organisations.

Web 2.0 solutions will be presented, which revolutionise today’s management of working hours to drastically cut costs and improve flexibility, and which helps conciliation, and saves costs and increases qualitative benefits.

Here you can find further information in an article from the Observatory of Human Resources Journal: “Un nuevo paradigma en la gestión de los horarios de trabajo” (A new paradigm in managing working hours).

We remind you that this conference is free and exclusive for the physical and virtual espaitec-linked firms. However, those wishing to attend must register here