The challenge of assembling a robot will test the teams’ knowledge of robotics, electronics, computer science and logics

EngiOn and HackCS, an association linked to Espaitec based in the Espaitec 1 building, are two UJI student associations that undertake technology projects. For 20 and 21 September 2019, they are organising the Grand Prix Robot 24! At Espaitec, the Science, Technology and Business Park of the UJI, supported by the Vice-Rectorate of Studies and Social Commitment.

GP Robot 24h is an event that considers a challenge in which a team shows its skills to assembly a robot and make it fulfil a series of objectives with increasingly higher levels of difficulty in the shortest possible time. To do so, it has 24 hours running, during which time a prototype can be tested in practice challenges while developing it for the final test.

Robots are based on Arduino, a free electronic platform that allows interacting simply with the physical world. No advanced programme knowledge is needed to participate, but wanting to learn and motivation are more than enough. At the end of the competition, each team keeps its robot, which could be reprogrammed to carry out all sorts of applications.

Registration costs €50 per team (registration is limited to 15 teams in registration order). Any doubts can be cleared up at

Further information and registering in advance: