You can continue to register until the event opens on 10 November in which Chema Alonso will participate

Almost 50 programmers, especially from the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Aragón, will participate from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 of November in the first edition of Hackathon Castellón, for which it is possible to register until the event opens. The guru of cybersecurity and the Chief Data Officer of the Telefónica company, Chema Alonso will participate by video conference. This has been stressed in a press conference this morning in the espaitec 2 building given by those who promote the encounter, Nayar SystemsIoTsens and Cuatroochenta, during the presentation, accompanied by the Councillor of Economic Promotions of the Castellón Council Offices, Salva Aguilella, and the Head of Innovation and Projects of the Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I (espaitec), Juan Antonio Bertolín.

«There was a certain degree of uncertainty as it is the first time an event of this kind has been organised in Castellón, but we trusted in the computer programming community being responsive, which it has; we are pleased with the rate at which registrations are arriving 2 days before the activities commence, and we are convinced that this will be the first of many Hackathones», explained Sergio Aguado, the CTO and a founder partner of Cuatroochenta, who was accompanied by Miguel Ángel Royo and Alexis Nadal, the CEOs of IoTsens and Nayar Systems, respectively.

Along these lines, Alexis Nadal stressed that programming students and professionals have been «motivated by the four challenges» that the event sets out to «test their knowledge collaboratively, to share it and to learn from others». The participants, who will be able to programme individually or in groups with 2-5 members, will have to chose one of the following challenges: create an interactive app to travel by playing, develop a space shooter video game using Unity and Photon, apply the Nexus system to instant messaging between machines or design a solution for a process with Internet of Things technology. €2,250 in prizes will be shared among the best proposals after a panel of judges’ assessment.

Miguel Ángel Royo, the CEO of IoTsens, stressed the «interest kindled by the complete Hackathon programming in the new technologies sector outside Castellón in both the private and university domains», which for those who promote the event confirms the good initial expectations despite it being a highly specialised event.

Hackathon Castellón demonstrates that the province of Castellón has an important innovation and new technologies ecosystem, in which knowledge transfer is starting to flow from the university to private companies. One point evidenced at espaitec and the CEEI is a growing number of young innovative technology-based companies that are taking their first steps towards internationalisation. The event is supported by espaitec, the Castellón Council Offices, CEEI, the Regional Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport and the Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Valencian Ministry), the Castellón City Council, Telefónica, Eleven Paths, Facsa, Kitchen Lab and Espacio Base.

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