This event, which DevelUp organised, started on Friday evening 23 January in the espaitec 2 building, when the secret theme was revealed on which all the video games for the 2015 edition had to be developed: «What do we do now?»

On that date, 48 hours of team work, great atmosphere and collaboration began. It was an intense weekend during which attendees slept only 2 or 3 hours in order to be able to present the three developed video games on Sunday afternoon: «MASS», «Random Game» y «__». These games can be downloaded free of charge from the Global Game Jam website.

«MASS» consists in guiding a team of fragile unconscious dummies for them to escape from «Crazy Labs». They all wait to move in accordance with the player’s orders so they know what to do. En route, they must avoid lots of obstacles, like knives, flamethrowers, pendulums and genetically modified monsters. The minimum stroke with any of these obstacles means that the dummies fall and this slows down the rest of the team.

«Random Game» is made up of a series of very entertaining mini-random games that can be repeated over and over again until the game is either lost or won.

«__» is a game of platforms with puzzles designed to be completed using various skills. These skills (e.g., movements, leaps, punches, etc.) become unblocked whenever required and are assigned the first key that is being used at the time to allow players to be responsible for game controls (which normally come in a guide or in instructions).