DevelUp is organising the Global Game Jam 2015 (GGJ) event in Castellón for the second year running, in which some 30 participants will take part to develop several video games for 48 hours. This event will be held in the Espaitec 2 building on 23, 24 and 25 January.

During this weekend, professionals and fans of video games will meet at espaitec to develop new games. During the evening of 23 January, when the secret theme of the event will be revealed, several teams will be formed by programmers, artists, modellers and designers, among others, who will be able to let their creativity run and will work by collaborating to convert an idea into a functional video game.

This event will be held simultaneously in more than 500 cities spread out in 75 different countries. In 2014, 4,290 games were created by 23,198 participants from 72 different countries and in 488 separate locations.

The creators of GGJ set up this event to promote and encourage creation and collaboration among video game developers, and they stress that the nature of the event is not to compete, but is a chance for one to develop one’s own skills, work in collaboration and, above all, to enjoy oneself.

Here is a summary of the local schedule:

23 January 2015

– 16:30h attendees are welcomed
– 17:00h Presentation of the Event
– 17:30h Workshop to start Unreal Engine 4
– 18:30h Global Game Jam 2015 Keynote and presentation of the theme
– 19:00h Forming teams
– 20:00h Developing video games

24 January 2015
– A full day to develop video games

25 January 2015
– Developing video games
– 18:30h Presentation of video games and event closure