Yesterday the Science, Technology and Business Park (espaitec) of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) and the Valencian Network of Business Angels (CVBan) organised the Forum of Investment in Energy Efficiency and ICTs, where six firms presented their initiatives to investors and the general public.

In the energy efficiency sector, two of the presented projects had based their business idea on consumption management to optimise energy efficiency. This was the case of Energy Sentitel / Asmonitor S.L that developed an online platform to monitor and manage energy consumption, and MyEnergyMap whose cloud platform facilitates the implementation of continuous energy efficiency improvement in any organisation in accordance with the ISO 50001 methodology. Finally, Itecon Ingenieria and Construcción S.L. presented a geothermal project based on the efficient use of water resources.

In the Information and Communications Tecnologies (ICT) sector, two of the presented projects centred their activity on offering Internet connection services. The objective of Neteck is to democratise low-cost Internet access by providing the end user with an unbeatable browsing experience, and Langur, which apart from offering highly competitive prices and all-round services, includes a novel system in which customers can opt to pay with data (marketing and surveys). The Doing3D firm focuses its activity on developing applications for mobile devices with increased reality content.

After the presentation blocks and the discussion by the investors, the forum finished with a networking dinner during which investors and businesspeople were able to go into business projects and financing requirements in detail.