This morning, we hosted the conference entitled entitled “Business excellence, social responsibility and gender equality”, an event organised in collaboration with the firm Equality Momentum, to make the business fabric of the province of Castellón aware of the importance of making equality policies, such as a corporate strategy on quality objectives and business excellence.

The event counted on the participation of representative speakers in the education, business and public administration domains, which spoke about the lines of action taken and the policies set up in all areas of society. The speakers coincided when they indicated that socially responsible firms which make equality plans are at a competitive advantage in the market for several reasons: running costs are lower given the firm’s optimised human resources; there is less absenteeism from the workplace because there is a better atmosphere at work; less rotas for female workers to fulfil due to better working conditions; better financial performance thanks to increased quality and productivity through mixed work teams; improved trade mark image and reputation; diversity significantly increases; better adaptation to the market, among others.

The promoting members of espaitec intervened in the presentation event, along with María Ángeles Fernández, the UJI Vice-Rector of Foundations and Social Responsibility, who defined the event as an opportunity for joint reflection by the business fabric towards making the very best of human capital, and of making policies that encourage equality and social responsibility. Rafael Montero, Secretary of the Castellón Businesspeople’s Confederation, also took part. He insisted on how important it is to adopt such strategies as a key factor for business competitiveness.

The conference was divided into two round tables in which public organisations and private companies from different sectors intervened. Among the companies, the following took part: Esmalglass, Mercadona, Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (the Valencia Port Authorities) and S2 Grupo. Sandra Deltell, the director of Auditorías de Price Waterhouse Valencia, named some barriers of business gender equality, such as the cultural aspects relating to face-to-face evaluations at work, no flexibility to self-manage time, lack of networking among the feminine business fabric, no transparency and participation in decision-making posts and, finally, a shortage of coaching and mentoring among businesswomen. From the public domain, it is worth highlighting the intervention of Laura Chorro, the General Director of Family and Woman of the Regional Ministry of Well-Being, who spoke about the different lines of action taken by the Regional Valencian Government; for example: the award for wise companies and actions to collaborate with the European Union to increase the number of equality plans set up and to conciliate family and professional lives.

This event also counted on the participation of associations, such as Evap BWP Valencia and the Castellón Association for Gender Equality. In the education domain, the European University of Valencia and Florida Universitaria also participated.

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