It is 15 years since Nayar, an Espaitec-linked company, began in 2007 to offer technological solutions that improve accessibility in the lifts sector and is present in more than 31 countries worldwide

Nayar celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2022 as a European leader in the lifts sector. It focuses on universal accessibility and connects the world to its Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. It has a clear objective: to place at firms’ disposal its technological knowledge to help them to achieve operational excellence. Technological engineering will provide global solutions to the lifts sector to continuously improve users’ experience of lifts by being a strategic partner and a benchmark technology provider with its varied portfolio of technological solutions that ensure customers’ access to parks of smart interconnected lifts.

Virtual Accessible COP and Pulse

One of Nayar’s latest technological solutions is Virtual Accessible COP. This is its own hardware based on Bluetooth technology that, along with a free-to-download application called Pulse, allows any user to employ a lift from their smartphone without having to press buttons inside. Thanks to BVA and Pulse, Nayar has universalised access to people whose most widely used transport means today is: lifts.

The main challenge of the project was to develop with experts in accessibility a simple and functional lift-calling application for all kinds of users that followed the Design-For-All concept and WCAG 2.1 norms. This product is intuitive, easy to install and compatible with any brand on the market. The result has been the development of a mobile application and a physical device installed outside near the lift and also inside it that allows anyone to use the lift with no physical obstacles. The app Pulse incorporates functions like screen reading by assistants, colours and accessible typologies, and voice command-type uses.

Pulse has been created thanks to joint collaboration with the ONCE Foundation (Spanish Blind Foundation), the Spanish Business Federation of Lifts and Nayar.


Nayar is an engineering technology-based firm that began in 2007 in Castellón and celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. This company opts to firmly invest in new technological developments, which have allowed it to extend both nationally and internationally. Today it is present in 31 countries worldwide with physical offices in Spain (Castellón) and China (Shanghai). Centred on the lifts sector and the Internet of Things (IoT), its experience and professional progress have converted it into an ally so that companies accomplish operational excellence by transforming data about installations into understandable information for users, and by working towards knowledge accessibility and technological diffusion.

This technology-based firm from Castellón is a European leader in the lifts sector and an expert company in offering Industrial Internet of Things solutions. After its 15 years of professional work, Nayar is internationally present in Germany, Andorra, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Low Countries, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Algeria, Angola, Greece, the Lebanon, Turkey, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, and also its physical offices in Spain and China.

Nayar’s corporate evolution is aligned with technological and business experience, has constantly moved and focused on placing at all its customers’ disposal the benefits obtained by the telemanagement of lifts.