By means of its FabLab, Espaitec UJI.>LAB, has started the 3D printing workshops series called «Enter the digital printing era» in 2022 whose objective is to promote acquiring competences in the 3D printing domain by the university community


By means of its prototyped FabLab laboratory, Espaitec UJI.>LAB has launched the «Enter the digital printing era» workshops series to train in 3D printing for 2022. This training proposal forms part of a set of actions performed at UJI.>LAB. It will include several workshops of different levels (beginners and advanced) during which basic knowledge will be acquired, from the assembling and working of an Ender 3D printer to more advanced contents like the strategies to follow to print technical materials.


This workshops series addresses the whole Universitat Jaume I community (students, teaching staff, services staff, researchers, etc.), and they are free to promote acquiring competences in the 3D printing area. The requirements needed to participate in these workshops are to be registered for academic year 2021-2022 in any UJI degree, master’s degree or PhD degree (students), or having a contract-based working relationship in 2022 with the Universitat Jaume I (teaching/services staff, researchers, or other job post types).


The first of the workshops, known as «Beginners filament 3D printing workshop», was held on 8 and 9 April. The two days that this workshop lasted focused on acquiring basic knowledge about the Cura software and the components of a filament 3D printer, as well as assembling an Ender 3D printer and printing a prototype with it.


The «Enter the digital printing era» workshops series


The workshops that are to be held soon are the: «First advanced filament 3D printing workshop » on 6 and 7 May; «Second advanced filament 3D printing workshop» on 13 and 14 May; «Firmaware filament 3D printing workshop» on 20 and 21 May. Training will be given on Fridays from 15:30h to 18:30h, and on Saturdays from 09:30h to 12:30h, in the Multipurpose Hall at Espaitec 2.


UJI.>LAB and its prototyped laboratory (FabLab)


The UJI.>LAB project places at the disposal of the students, teachers and research groups from the Universitat Jaume I a place where innovative brain storming linked with the challenge-solution paradigm takes place with a multidisciplinary strategy; that is, according to a 360º prism. For this purpose, it includes a set of mechanisms that allow university community proposals to materialise; for example FabLab, which is an environment for prototyping projects that result in a tangible product. To accomplish this, the most advanced technology in 3D printers, Resin printers, Laser cutters/engravers, Cutting plotters, Precision CNC and Large-sized CNC is employed.


UJI.>LAB helps to set up cocreative projects; that is, projects that include the end user in their design by incorporating the most innovative methodologies promoted by the European Network of LivingLabs (ENOLL). The Fablab resource and the cocreative environment are open to final graduation/master projects or other types of projects.


Setting up the UJI.>LAB project has been possible thanks to finance from the Valencian Insitute of Business Competetiveness (IVACE) in its first phase in 2019, and from the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) in later phases from 2020 to the present-day.


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