We are music. Life Commitment and Health Mapmaking” will be the main theme of the first session during which we will debate about health.

La Clau…de la Innovació” (“The Key…of Innovation”) is a new project for disseminating the innovation organised by Espaitec, in which culture, documentaries and open debates between citizens and experts will be the leading features. This new format is based on a series of co-participative open reflections, organised to create an innovative atmosphere with co-creative and reflective discussion and collaboration with themes of interest related to innovation and creativity. These encounters will take place every 4 months.

This programme addresses the business sector of Castellón, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in topical subjects in today’s society who wish to openly debate and present their points of view. Seating is limited, so it is necessary to register using this registration form to book a seat and to guarantee entry.

The first session will be held on Wednesday 23 May at 17:00h at Menador Espai Cultural and will reflect on this theme: “WE ARE MUSIC. Life Commitment and Health Mapmaking. This is a chance for us all to define a reference framework for the strategic and operational criteria to stress health as a common asset. Such considerations will allow us to advance and display a correct perception of the meaning of some terms, such as “patient” or “empowerment”, and to redefine processes and mechanisms that can specify each person’s responsibility with health management.

We will also talk about the importance of converging with showing digital citizenship with every right in the health domain, which demands facing challenges like cybersecurity, protecting personal data, users’ privacy, data accessibility and portability, proactivity or improving digital capacities to promote efficient interoperability with tutors in all health areas.

Moderated by Juan Antonio Bertolín of espaitec,  during the first session, the following speakers will participate: Cristina Botella (LABPSITEC), Carmen Fondo (AVAAR), Ernesto De la Cueva (CIPF), Maria José Sales (VEO), Francesc Joan Santonja (INNOVEM JUNTS), Valle Rabadán (QUAES) and Guillermo Rodríguez (BIOTICA).

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