Espaitec, the Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), reinforces the Technology Map of the province of Castellón by starting the second project phase, when the identification of technology-based companies will extend to new towns in the province.

The Castellón Technology Map Project aims to create a marketplace of innovation and technology in this region within the UJI’s area of influence. Since it began, more than 25 companies from nine different areas in the province of Castellón have participated in the project.

It is stressed that one of the main objectives is to identify and make visible innovative and technology-based firms to connect them to Espaitec’s innovation ecosystem by opening up new possibilities to cooperate with other Espaitec-linked companies in competitive and innovative projects. Hence this project addresses companies that have a marked technology-based innovative component and belong to one of these eight sectors; ICT; Innovative Services; Biotechnology and Health; Materials, Optics and Nanotechnology; Energy and the Natural Environment; Marketing; Industrial Technologies and Social Technologies; and fall in line with the smart specialisation strategy of the Valencian Community (RIS3CV).


This initiative began in September 2019 with its first phase, and was financed by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE). Efforts were made to design a work methodology to draw up a set of innovation indices for all the participating companies; the first proof of concept tracked the Plana Baixa region, specifically the towns of Vall d’Uixó, Nules, Vilavella and Vila-real, to make the necessary contacts with the companies that met the search requirements.

Through innovation, the project was expected to contribute to improve and empower the competitiveness of the business fabric in the province of Castellón, and also sought to improve relationships among companies from the Castellón territory by increasing business synergies and collaborations thanks to Espaitec’s revitalising actions.

The second project phase began in February 2020, and is financed by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI). After the methodology in the first phase had been validated, and seeking innovative companies in the Plana Alta region was extended by contacting firms in the city of Castellón de la Plana, and the towns of Almassora, Vilafamés and Sant Joan de Moró.

Finally, it is highlighted that the Castellón Technology Map Project is still committed to help to increase the provincial business fabric’s growth and competitiveness, particularly in times of crisis when innovation must become a permanent business feature. Espaitec continues to opt for projects that strengthen companies in its territory, as it recently did with the new edition of the Castellón Global Program.

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