The following participated in the event «Agrotech: Agricultural Digitisation»: the Intercoop Cooperative; the «Crop Protection and Molecular Biology» UJI research group, the Food Technology Institute (AINIA), and the firms Frutinter, Alvol Drone Solution, Oppidum Energía, GeneticAI and VisualNACert

On Tuesday, Espaitec held the event «Agrotech: Agricultural Digitisation». During this event, different organisations from the sector dealt with the challenges that the agricultural sector in the Valencian Community faces, particularly in the Castellón province, during its digital transformation process, as well as the technological trends being developed.

While the event was being opened, the Deputy Vice-Rector of Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Universitat Jaume I, David Cabedo, pointed out that this event aims to encourage collaborative projects among organisations to accomplish sustainable agricultural growth.

Juan Antonio Bertolín, the Manager of the General Universitat Jaume I Foundation and the Director of Espaitec, stressed that as an innovation hub, Espaitec opts for driving reflection through discussion forums like this one about technological evolution by means of innovative challenges and solutions from different strategic sectors for the Castellón province.


This encounter started with a presentation by Intercoop’s General Manager, Antonio Martínez, who showed the difficulties that the agricultural sector has as it has to face a digital transformation process, plus other challenges of various kinds; e.g. legal, organisation, economical, among others. Antonio Martínez explained that this sector is currently characterised by being very segmented, having undergone very little modernisation and barely investing in research, development and innovation.

As pointed out by Intercoop’s General Manager, the strong impact that agriculture in the Castellón province has means that the sector has to innovate and be transformed. Hence he stressed the need to promote a more collaborative environment by setting up global projects.

Technological trends

During this event, some technological trends that are presently being developed were also presented. Mónica Hurtado, the Coordinator of the «Crop Protection and Molecular Biology» UJI research group, explained the role that biotechnology plays to identify the pests and diseases that affect citrus crops by means of DNA. The person in charge of the Spectral Sensors Line of the Food Technology Institute (AINIA), Edgar Llop, presented the CERES project, by means of which a teledetection system based on combining different technologies framed within agriculture 4.0 has been developed.

To end, several firms explained how they promote the creation of a more sustainable agricultural environment. The following people participated: Joaquín Ferrer, the Technical Director of Frutinter; Manuel Martinavarro, an instructor from the Department of Aeronautical Training and Coordination of Alvol Drone Solution, and a specialist in Precision Agriculture, Sergio Arnau; the General Manager of Oppidum Energía, Jorge García; the CEO of GeneticAI, Fernando López, and Lucía Iborra, respectively the CEO and cofounder of VisualNACert.

This initiative is supported by the Regional Valencian Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society of the Generalitat Valenciana.