The aim of the European Mentech Project is to create a validated methodology that
reflects a training process for mentoring for all the different participating countries. A
work meeting was held last week in Brussels.

Apart from Espaitec, the following partners are participatants in the project: Mersin Technology Development Zone (Technoscope); the Paris School of Management and Marketing(ISTEC); The Science & Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C); The Madan park of  Portugal,the Tartu Teaduspark of Estonia.

Some national workshops were run by each participating organisation to see and evaluate the mentoring system being carried out at each institution, which allowed some concepts to be debated and combined throughout the project. The conclusions drawn from these workshops were set out during the project meeting so that all the participants can move forward in the same validated and studied way to fulfil objectives.

Castellón will hold the next Mentech meeting

During the next Mentech Project work meeting, which will take place at the end of
March in Castellón on the Espaitec premises, several mentoring processes will be
followed to know the effectiveness of the working model and to develop the
mentoring programme: “One on One Mentoring model and Development of Training