Citizen Driven Innovation is a collection of a hundred or so good practices in open and participative innovation models where citizens are the centre of attention. These come from projects undertaken from all over the world where open collaborative innovation is managed through livinglabs and similar models.

This guide, which mainly addresses the people in the government responsible for innovation, is also recommended for stock brokers, companies, universities and civil society organisers, talks about cities and citizens regardless of their geographical location.

The aim of this document is that the agents involved share a common perspective from which cities are viewed as a place for combined and collaborative innovation so that our cities will be smart, and more importantly, sustainable cities in the near future.

Among the examples of good practices, we find e'LivingLab of espaitec. This project was launched in 2010 to convert the Riu Sec Campus of the Universitat Jaume I into a smart campus which would lead to the smart city of Castellón. This university area is a place of co-creation, co-thinking and co-design that gradually offers constant improvement solutions for the university community, and also for the Castellón-based society.