Entitled “Science Parks, where technology is going to work”, for yet another year, heads and directors of parks from all over the world met to study and share activities and services that Science and Technology Parks have to offer.

Specifically this year, three main themes were studied in depth: the role of parks as catalysers of technological development; cooperation models between universities and companies; the role that not only parks play, but also the parks and companies installed in these innovation areas.

The Spanish delegation was one of the most participative in this edition with eight speakers; five APTE park members, two of whom were from espaitec.

Paco Negre, espaitec’s CEO and Chair of APTE’s Financing Committee, participated in Parallel Session 4 with the conference “Technology transfer: present picture and new approaches”.

Juan Antonio Bertolín, head of Innovation and Projects at espaitec, participated in Plenary Session 2 on the profiles of the companies installed in parks, with his speech on “e’Services, the value of non-location oriented intangible assets”

APTE also contributed in the conference with a presentation offered by Soledad Díaz, Managing Director General of this Association who, in Parallel Session 7, presented the study “Bringing your park to market: marketing and branding strategies for STPs”, where the communication and marketing strategies carried out by Spanish Science and Technology Parks were analysed. It came over from this study that a large number of parks have to improve their communication and marketing strategies so that these activities can efficiently contribute to the park’s development. With this objective, APTE is currently working on producing a good practices guide to provide counselling to its members in this area and to improve this situation.