Espaitec supports the exhibition “Women who changed the world” created by APTE (the Spanish National Association of Science and Technology Parks) as part of the project Science and Technology in Feminine, which exhibits successful cases of women who have achieved major goals for humanity by taking science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) as an essential vector to do so. This project aims to take the general public, particularly the young feminine public, closer to some feminine references, who have stood out throughout history and their contributions to science and technology, to increase the percentage of female students who choose STEM specialities in secondary education towards their personal futures.

Another part of the project has involved creating a brief illustrated guide to some examples of scientific and technological studies and their future professional possibilities. This guide, entitled What do I want to be when I grow up?, includes three sections: Architecture and Engineering, Health Sciences and Sciences. It shows some of the many possible professional options that the feminine public can choose from if females decide to study subjects related to the science and technology fields, which helps girls to boost their scientific vocation and to select professional careers in the world of science, which have been traditionally related with the male public.