Technology-based companies El Telar, Compark Mobility, Psique System, Net Real Solution (NRS), Innoqubit and Innova Consulting join Espaitec in the second 4-month period of 2021 to form part of the innovative and technological ecosystem of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI)

Espaitec adds six new firms to its network of companies linked with the Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Jaume I by including the companies El Telar, Compark Mobility, Psique System, Net Real Solution (NRS), Innoqubit and Innova Consulting. The inclusion of these new firms reinforces Espaitec’s position as a unique place for business growth and acceleration in the province of Castellón.

El Telar is a social and technological consultancy firm that received the award of the second edition of the UJI Emprèn OnSocial entrepreneurship programme, which addresses people, NGOs, SMEs and institutions facing social challenges related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It also provides counselling for social and technological projects, R&D projects in the social area and agro-ecological innovation projects.

Compark Mobility is one of the awarded projects in the third edition of the UJI Emprèn OnSocial entrepreneurship programme. It commercialises a smart parking system mainly to safely and quickly park electric scooters. The product that this company offers consists of two parts: App Compark Mobility, which allows any user to seek parking places, know if they are available, and be able to safely and easily put scooters away; Compark Device, a device set up in all lockers and parking systems for electric scooters.

Psique System, the second of the awards of the third edition of the UJI Emprèn OnSocial entrepreneurship programme, has developed the Conecta-T app to reduce social isolation in adults with some mental disorder. Conecta-T allows users to safely know people from other centres in their same situation, who might know which activities are offered in their town to favour social inclusion and to train different areas, such as cognitive and social-emotional.

Net Real Solution (NRS) is a firm based in Vila-Real that has been helping to improve companies’ communication for more than 20 years by directly connecting them to their customers. It offers all kinds of adapted and personalised mobile messaging solutions based on a strategic and innovative approach that opts for the simplicity, practicality and personalisation of its communication services for both medium- and large-sized companies.

Innoqubit is a technology firm whose mission is to help medium- and large-sized companies’ digitisation. To this end, it offers business software as independent solutions integrated into the main ERPs or business resources planning systems (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, SAP, Odoo, Sage X3, etc.).

Innova Consulting is a consultancy firm based in Castellón that offers training, processes reengineering and engineering projects, and sells solutions to improve and optimise business processes. Since 2003, it offers exclusive services to the Microsoft partners network by accompanying its customers in their development and their expansion by means of the Dynamics environment. This supplier is specialised in offering Microsoft Dynamics services to other partners. In 2017, this firm was acknowledged by Microsoft as an ISV Development Centre, and is one of the 11 world coaches and the only Spanish-speaking one.

Espaitec continues to live up to expectations and increases the number of technology firms linked with it after nine new firms have joined in 2021.