Espaitec and the Business Creation Centre of Onda combine efforts to help enterprising people. “This is further support for the enterprising projects underway in Onda”, stated Ramón Sebastián, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.

The Onda Town Council and espaitec will sign a collaboration agreement to help those projects participating in Business Creation Centre of Onda to grow. Paco Negre, Director of Espaitec, and Ramón Sebastián, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, visited this nursery of businesses on Thursday as a first form of contact with the projects underway there. Then, espaitec will assess these projects individually, which were set up last year as part of the Onda Factory Programme, to detect how they can improve and how they can help firms to grow at the same time.

Furthermore, any enterprising people at Onda will also be able to count on espaitec’s coverage, which helps them to contact other firms or suppliers in Spain and elsewhere. “It is further support for enterprising projects which are being undertaken in Onda”, Ramón Sebastián stated.