The Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of Castellón, the Vall d'Uixó Town Council, the Castellón Chamber of Commerce and the CEEI Centre signed a collaboration agreement to strategically plan the town of Vall d'Uixó. The objective of this agreement is to define specific actions to be taken to create a new town model that will improve citizens’ living conditions.

The above university will provide counselling by both the Interuniversity Institute of Local Development, which specialises in sustainable development, and the Science, Technology and Business Park (espaitec), as a key element to generate and transfer knowledge to society and to the business fabric. The Chamber of Commerce will contribute its experience in offering services to the business sector. The CEEI Centre (European Centre of Companies and Innovation) will collaborate by supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs.

After signing the agreement, Tania Baños, the mayoress of Vall d'Uixó, stated that «one of the objectives of this term of office is to promote knowledge and research, and what better than to resort to the UJI by opting for future productive economy along with added value and knowledge ». The UJI Rector, Vicent Climent, was satisfied that «our university can collaborate in this town’s strategic position by opting for innovation and knowledge».

During the signing session, the following people were present: the UJI Rector, the mayoress, Jorge García the Active Town Alderman of the Vall d'Uixó Town Council, David Cabedo the espaitec academic director, Iluminada Fuertes the Interuniversity Institute of Local Development secretary, and Miguel Àngel Moliner and Wenceslao Rambla, the Vice-Rectors of Economy and Culture, University Extension and Instituonal Relations, respectively.