Yesterday, the third edition of the Transfiere Forum began in Málaga, a 2-day event which is considered the main national technology transfer event. It is a multisectorial forum of innovation and research that combines supply and demand in one area where all the public and private agents meet.

After the success of the espaitec-linked firms Sofistic or Paynopain in former editions, the Castellón Park is attending for the third year running, which it does with Grupo Ceteck, a multidisciplinary group of engineers based in the espaitec 2 building. This firm is dedicated to optimising production processes and to environmental sustainability through artificial intelligence applications.

Espaitec attends this event as a Member Park of the Spanish Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE), one of the main collaborating organisations of the Transfiere Forum that has approved the first APTE General Assembly to be held in espaitec in May this year, an event which will bring together in Castellón the main representatives of the Science and Technology Parks in Spain. This forum has also helped Paco Negre, the General Manager of espaitec, to attend several meetings to present the series of firms and research groups linked to espaitec through encounters with several technology platforms, with which he has evaluated future forms of collaboration.

Ceteck, which attends as a technology provider, has its packed agenda with 16 meetings on the 2 days that the Forum lasts. To schedule these meetings, the participating firms and organisations present the supply and demand of their technology on an online platform before the event begins. Therefore the event acts as a meeting and business point. The feedback that this firm has given is extremely positive, “the fact that the meetings are scheduled according to specific requirements opens up a world of possibilities. These meetings last 30 minutes; the other party already knows the technology and has a requirement that needs to be met. So commercialisation possibilities are excellent. We expect to successfully close 2 of the 6 meetings scheduled yesterday”, states Diego Falagian, the Director of Sales and New Businesses at Ceteck.