The Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló (espaitec) and Lanzadera Emprendedores (Lanzadera) have signed a collaboration agreement to take joint actions which encourage, among other issues, better participation in business projects in the province of Castellón in the Lanzadera initiative, and Lanzadera being more present in the events and initiatives organised in the province of Castellón and in espaitec’s area of influence, with especial attention paid to Spanish Science and Technology Parks.

Paco Negre, Manager of espaitec, and Javier Jiménez, General Manager of Lanzadera, have decided to formalise this collaboration, which began some years ago. Negre stresses that «initiatives like Lanzadera are a change to make espaitec-linked innovative projects grow, and continue initiatives like the Castellón Global Program». Jiménez stated that «this agreement will make the Lanzadera project better known in the province of Castellón and reinforce its presence in the national innovative entrepreneurial fabric».