According to this agreement, Globalis is committed to perform joint activities with espaitec that address the business fabric in Vila-real and its area of influence in order to improve its competitiveness. espaitec considers Fundación Globalis to be an organisation of its ecosystem with all the associated services and areas.

Pago Negre, Manager of espaitec, and Juan Vicente Bono, the Globalis Chair, have decided to make this collaboration formal, which they have shared for some years. Negre stressed that “we at espaitec offer our help as facilitators in technology transfer matters between the Universtiat Jaume I and Globalis, an organisation that shapes the innovative ecosystem in this area, and the companies that make up the industrial fabric of Vila-real”.

Bono, who values such collaboration most positively, stated that “this agreement will bring benefits to the companies of Vila-real as they will be able to access the innovation undertaken by the University more directly. Innovation is the basis of our foundation, which is why we consider espaitec to be an important partner to collaborate with.”

Both organisations have agreed on mutual support in carrying out innovative projects, collaborating in technology transfer and innovation matters between espaitec-linked companies and the business fabric of Vila-real, and diffusing joint or individual actions of interest for their respective publics.