The Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (espaitec) and the Universitat Jaume I Foundation-Company of Castellón (FUE-UJI) have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly offer and promote conferences, seminars and training courses.

By means of this agreement, FUE-UJI offers espaitec employees and espaitec-linked companies a series of benefits in training and hosting students doing practicals. Employees of physical espaitec-linked companies can obtain a 10% discount to register for FUE-UJI courses. Moreover, all espaitec-linked companies can apply for specific personalised training courses, to collaborate with FUE-UJI to host extracurricular students doing practicals, and to form part of the FUE-UJI teaching staff.

Espaitec, by diffusing the FUE-UJI training offer, will inform the more than 700 highly qualified employees linked to the Park about this training offer. Highly innovative, technology-based espaitec-linked companies shall act as trend collectors in order to renew the FUE-UJI training offer in its main strategic areas, and to also contact potential customers in order to contract qualified personnel and to host extracurricular students doing practicals. Through the ESUE Business School, FUE-UJI will also become one of espaitec’s authorised training suppliers.