The Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I (espaitec) has welcomed the visit of students and teachers of the Erasmus + K2 Project, a European programme coordinated by the HBLA Oberwart Centre in Austria, which has members at the IES Alfonso XIII Institute in Spain; Oberstüfenzentrum OPR, Germany; IMS Vittoria Colonna, Italy; and the Secondary Education Institute of Moura, Portugal.

Male and female students aged 15-18 years participated and came from various types of education centres from both rural and urban areas, and from Secondary Education and Training Centres. The main objective is to increase the chances European youths have of finding work by fighting against youth unemployment by making different alternatives known. This project proves that education is an opportunity to make full use of, an area in which to prepare youths for the working world, and to also know real experiences that take the academic world to the working world.

Hence the aim of this visit to espaitec was to allow university training to be known from another point of view, from the campus as a place of opportunities and talent where all kinds of student-promoted business and research projects take place. During the visit to espaitec, European students had the chance to know Hackerspace Castellón, UJI Motorsport, UJI Electric Racing Team and Decathletas UJI, all of which are student-promoted projects at the Universitat Jaume I as part of different degrees and academic profiles which work with 3D printers, electric motorcycles, Formula I vehicles and sustainable architecture.