Espaitec continues to promote technology innovation with the E’joint4Challenge tool
which, via its website, any SME based in the province of Castellón can propose a
technology business challenge.
Challenges will be published on the E’joint4Challenge platform and will be solved by
any technology-based company that is a member of a science or technology park
belonging to APTE (the Spanish National Assembly of Technology Parks), university
research groups, technology centres or mixed teams (Business and Science, B+S). APTE
is presently formed by 65 science/technology parks that encompass more than 8,000
companies, which could forward a proposal or possible solution to a challenging
If the challenging company believes that the presented solution is suitable, it will
facilitate the company the contact details to establish direct commercial relationships
with Espaitec’s supervision to ensure a quality service.
With this tool, Espaitec seeks to encourage attaching the importance of open
innovation to the Castellón business sector, and to connect with leading technology to
encourage talent and to overcome real problems in companies. Basically the intention
is for this mechanism to work as a collective and participative tool to create solutions
and ideas.
In the first e’Joint4Challenge stage, 11 different challenges have been presented from
several areas of the Castellón business fabric, which have started receiving possible
solutions from some companies located in five distinct science parks. In turn, Espaitec
has established contacts between the companies so that both parties can meet and
study the feasibility of their projects.
For any company based in the province of Castellón to present challenges and for
companies in science/technology parts to propose solutions, it is necessary to access
the website to contact and register in this innovation
support tool.