The 480interactive technology developed by the company Cuatroochenta at the Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I (espaitec) has been used to develop the official app of “Atrapa la Bandera” (Capture the Flag in English), a cartoon film for all the family to be released in Spanish cinemas on Friday 28 August 2015. On the same date, the official app Atrapa la bandera oficial can be downloaded for mobile phones and tablets. This application offers games for “lunartics” or tutorials of “DIY-aeronautical” experiments, while it presents the characters in a space adventure context. This application, whose joint design and development include Agencia Complot and 480interactive, has been devised for young people to learn while playing while getting involved in the frenetic story.

The iconography of this space adventure, astronauts and spaceships are the main leading characters of the film’s app, available as of Friday 28 August on Google Play and iOS. A run-through of Apollo missions, which are presented didactically and interactively, several galactic curiosities or the soundtrack by the popular Auryn group, are just some of the contents with which “Capture the Flag” takes the film to mobile phones and tablets. This app is an interactive publication developed by the Complot Agency with the 480interactive technology by Cuatroochenta, an espaitec-linked company, which has become a company of international reference in developing apps and advanced software.

This technology developed at espaitec has already disclosed some of the adventures and characters through the Capture the Flag-The Film app, which was presented at the beginning of August as part of the actions taken to promote the film.

Capture the Flag is the second project of the creators of the Adventures of Tadeo Jones, the most popular Spanish cartoon film at the box office of all times. Also directed by Enrique Gato, it tells the story of Mike Goldwing, a brave 12-year-old boy, who is the son and grandson of astronauts, who has always dreamed about winning the game Capture the Flag. In order to reconcile his family, he should capture the most emblematic flag: that which the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission placed on the Moon.