Cuatroochenta, a company based at Espaitec, has taken over two reference technology-based companies, Asintec and Sofistic, thanks to new financing with its new partners to fulfil its strategic plan after 1 year’s work. This implies inorganic growth and its turnover reaching 5 million euros, 1.5 million in EBITDA and an 80-person staff. Its objective is to finish getting ready to go on MAB (the Spanish submarket of Stock Exchanges).

This Castellón-based firm, founded by former Universitat Jaume I students Sergio Aguado and Alfredo Cebrián, thus continues its particular non-stop growth in the technology development sector.

Thanks to it merging with both firms, Cuatroochenta has taken a qualitative step by entering strategic sectors and reinforcing its position as a 100% technology-based company that moves towards business optimisation that is able to offer consultancy, advanced software development and implementation. It started out by developing apps and now becomes a top technology partner to tackle digital transformation with the most powerful management and cybersecurity cloud solutions, an all-channel service that adapts to all its customers’ requirements by always focusing on outcomes.


This is how the technological consultancy firm is getting ready to go on the Stock Exchange after 3 years of preparation in the Pre-Market Environment Programme, promoted by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME; Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets) and the Big Ban Angels Association to allow new-coming firms access to private investment by meeting the same trading balance and transparency standards as when they access MAB, predictably in 2020. 

The founders of both the taken-over firms, namely Javier Casero (Asintec) and Ángel López (Sofistic), have also been made partners of Cuatroochenta and will continue to head the different business units and their corresponding teams. Founders Alfredo R. Cebrián (CEO) and Sergio Aguado (CTO) remain the senior partners of Cuatroochenta, with Vicente Montesinos as the President of the Governing Body, which was set up this year when the company became a Limited Liability Company.


Its headquarters will continue with its teams from Asintec in Burgos (Spain) and Sofistic in Panama City, Bogotá (Colombia), Santiago de Chile and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). In this way, Cuatroochenta will get to the bottom of this operational excellence challenge via internationalisation, based on its young multidisciplinary team’s talent, with own-staffed branches in Milan, Madrid and Barcelona, and its headquarters at the technology park of the Universitat Jaume I, Espaitec, in Castellón (Spain), whose offices have recently been remodelled.