The firms Mas Ingenieros and Opertek, with the collaboration of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), Espaitec (The Science, Technology and Business Park of the UJI) and the Castellón City Council, organised the Conference on Global Efficiency in Industries and Infrastructures, which was held on 14th June, 2012 in the Press Room of the Rectorate Building.UJI’s Rector, Vicent Climent, the Mayor of Castellón, Alfonso Bataller, and the Business Development Director of Mas Ingenieros, Antonio Mas, opened this conference at 09:30h.
The conference, which addressed the public relating to production and infrastructures management, in other words, process engineers, systems, maintenance and operations engineers, among others, aimed to make known different software programmes in the market to increase productivity and to carry out more profitable projects by maximising availability and profitability of services, and by optimising efficiency among operation and administration staff. “It is fundamental to be more efficient to compete. To this end, we need to know the data we have on our premises, and in our plants and buildings. We need to have information to allow us to make decisions” Antonio Mas stated.
Based on a practical format, the intention of the conference was to share and debate about information with other users, integrators and engineers by knowing real market data and practical cases in which the Proficy Software has been implemented into infrastructure solutions (water, energy efficiency, Smart City) and industries. “The idea is not to offer a commercial presentation in the usual sense of the word of the good points of the software we employ. What we want to do is to present successful practical cases in terms of efficiency-competitiveness-euros applied to buildings and manufacturing plants, management, production and energy, in order to optimise resources; in other words, minimising resources to obtain equal or more production”, Antonio Mas explained.