Amparo Marco, the Mayoress of Castellón, accompanied by deputy mayors Antonio Lorenzo and Patricia Puerta, held a work meeting with the people in charge of the Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I (espaitec), these being Paco Negre and Juan Antonio Bertolín, to promote collaboration between both institutions in the area of technological innovation, and to highlight talent in Castellón.

During this meeting, the possibility of creating a local organisation that covers and promotes innovation-related actions was considered. There was also talk about promoting the creation of technological enclaves outside the campus for medium-high technological innovation companies that are not directly linked to the university. The Castellón City Council stressed the need to form a stable alliance with espaitec, companies and organisations in order to promote innovation and to use it to seek the best solutions to problems in the city of Castellón.

Among the proposals put forward by espaitec that the Castellón City Council accepted was setting up initiatives to boost an innovative, creative and entrepreneurial personality from early ages. “This effort will commence from very early levels of education, but will also include our senior citizens as they have plenty to contribute”.

Marco, Negre and Bertolín outlined the roadmap to make one of the Regional Government’s main points a reality, the Talent Map, “a map to face the crisis which has left a 25% unemployment rate, which has gone from full employment to one of the highest unemployment rates in Spain. This plan will help create a Talent Map for the city of Castellón to identify niches of creativity, areas with good practices, lands with experience and fields of excellence”.