The firm CloudAPPi, based at Espaitec, the Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, specialises in APIs and Cloud domains, and has extended its market in Latin America after reaching Colombia

CloudAPPi continues its expansion in Latin America after opening its new central office in Colombia. This well establishes it because it is one of the companies that has decisively opted for digital transformation. It now leads integrations with APIs in Spain and internationally.

Its arrival in the Colombian market reinforces its exponential growth since 2015. The opening of this new location together with its other locations in Castellón, Madrid, Peru and Mexico, enables CloudAPPi to continue to be acknowledged as a preferential partner in the technological challenges that digital transformation will involve in forthcoming years.

The keys that have enabled this expansion are acquired experience and CloudAPPi’s knowledge of APIfication and agilism, the most profitable methodologies to deal with firms’ digital transformation, no matter how big they are. The projects that it has undertaken for such relevant companies like Banco Santander, Naturgy, Aegon, RSI or Acciona Mobility are worth stressing.

Its opening out to new international markets commenced with Espaitec’s support in 2020, when it began its first conversations by exploring forms of joint collaboration with the Innovation Centre of the Pontifical University of Peru. From that point onwards, the firm has not stopped growing and reinforcing its presence in Latin America, and now has five central offices.

Its expansion towards new international markets has been carried out by APIAddicts Community sponsoring and with Espaitec’s support, which has contributed to formalise the CloudAPPi LATAM at the Chamber of Commerce of Ibagué (Colombia).

According to CloudAPPi’s CEO, Marco Antonio Sanz stated that in the short term, we expect «the firm to continue to reinforce its five central offices and to grow in the sectors where it is present. Thanks to CloudAPPi’s experience in technological innovation, it is also developing new projects, like launching the pre-accelerator that we are creating».


CloudAPPi is an innovation company that leads the APIs and cybersecurity management platforms domain by helping not only the business sector with its digital transformation by means of APIs, but also entrepreneurs to create MVPs.

This firm started in 2013 by creating cloud architectures in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and IBM by setting up the Devops concept for all its customers, developing APIfied applications (Front and Back) with technologies like vue.js, angular, react, node.js and spring, and being the partner of the main API Managers, such as WSO2 or Axway.