Technology Map

The objective of this agreement is to undertake activities and projects that
promote knowledge-technology transfer between university-company, and to support
innovative enterprising.

A Technology Map to identify and confer technology-based and innovative
companies from the province visibility, and to explore possible synergies and
collaborations between them. One of the main objectives of this study is
to geolocate, segment and highlight technology-based companies. This project is
constantly developing.

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Máquina CNC


Máquina CNC

The objective of this agreement is to undertake activities and projects that
promote knowledge-technology transfer between university and companies.

UJI>Lab is essentially a creative project born from the need to design
technology-based solutions to several of society’s challenges via mechanisms like
Final Graduation Projects or Final Master Projects. This project is linked to the
cooperative LivingLab methodology (quadruple helix framework (industry,
government, academia, and users/civil society) that the European Network of
LivingLabs (ENOLL) promotes, of which Espaitec has formed part of its Board of
Directors since 2011. It is worth stressing that UJI>LAB has a FabLab whose main
mission is to convert ideas into real prototypes for society to use. So tangible
solutions are sought that can be developed in future start-ups. To do so,
considerable investment has been made in last-generation machinery, such as: 3D
Printer, Resin Printer, Laser Cutter, Cutting Plotter, High-Precision CNC and Large-
Sized CNC.

Those working in the project:

    Technology Park of the UJI.

Duration: From 1 September 2019 to 31 December 2019

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Castellon Global Program

Castellón Global Program

Castellon Global Program

The objective of the Castellón Global Program (CGP) is to select nine companies in the province of Castellón to work with them for 6 months, and it provides them with training and personalised counselling for business acceleration and growth.

This is a long-term programme which aims to change the mentality of companies so they can learn “new ways of doing” based on innovation. This is done by surrounding the selected companies by experts who arouse their knowledge and business concerns by transforming companies into projects that opt for innovation as a basis of competitiveness and business growth.

In 2012 the first edition of the CGP was held. Since then 21 companies from our province have participated in the three editions of CGP. The CGP Companies Club is made up of a select group of companies in which synergies and collaborations give way to new ideas and products.

Collaborating organisations and sponsors

This programme is sponsored by the Castellón Council Offices and is led by espaitec, with the collaboration of the Universitat Jaume I, Business Innovation and Lanzadera Emprendedores.

Further information can be found at:

Castellón Global Program video