The training phase of the second edition of Castellón Global Program (CGP), which helps businesses accelerate and grow, finished on Friday 28 November 2014 with a session during which the nine selected projects were presented. During this event, the participating companies could put into practice all the knowledge acquired over the last few weeks with investors, businesspeople, a teaching group and an organising team.

The local councillor of Economic Promotion, Vicente Sales, who represented the Castellón Council Office, a promoter of the second edition of this initiative, along with the Universitat Jaume I, participated in this event and confirmed its efficiency as a tool to promote growth and competitiveness for the business fabric in the province of Castellón.

The nine companies selected for this year’s event come from five different sectors and operate throughout the province of Castellón. The participating companies stress the capacity of this programme to extend their business approach. Indeed they all recommend CGP to SMEs that are eager to learn and grow, and also to start-ups and innovative companies, or those seeking financing.

Among the reasons for attending, the participating companies highlight the programme’s capacity to offer innovative management tools, establish contacts, adopt basic growth strategy concept, and offer the business’ overview, and ways to better adapt to different requirements.

espaitec, which organised CGP, underlined that many of the companies ended the programme by reconsidering their business idea. During the process of change, entrepreneurs include the knowledge they acquire and count on the contacts they have established to put it into practice. Over the next few weeks, the companies will meet with espaitec to analyse forms of continuity.