The overall objective of the ULISENS project (Ultra Legionella Immunoanalysis System for Early Sensing) centres on the development and subsequent commercialisation of an automatic alert system capable of detecting and quantifying Legionella species in water. The system, which is completely novel, includes an automatic rapid detection module capable of carrying out "in situ" analyses in real time based on information and communication technologies that cuts the time in which results are obtained to a minimum. This system is totally innovative as there is no technology on the market that is able to automatically perform "in situ" analyses of Legionella present in buildings.

It also implements a faster response time and reduces the time involved compared to standard laboratory analyses by as much as 99% (1 h vs. 288 h); it offers better reliability thanks to this technology being patented and certified internationally (detection accuracy over 99%); lower cost, with reductions of up to 84% compared to conventional laboratory analyses; sampling of the water network is also direct and does away with having to rely on technical personnel to collect samples, nor does it generate hazardous biological waste; it also has an Internet connection module with which users receive an early warning of any risk in buildings.

It is also worth stressing that ULISENS will allow an exploitation plan to be devised to face the main bottlenecks and barriers that usually emerge when completely commercialising innovative technologies, mainly legal aspects in each country; it will also have platforms with which to widely diffuse the project results and to analyse market strategies to find the best combination of external agents and international organisations to establish cooperation synergies to operate in the market. Obtaining this project has been a major achievement for this Castellón-based firm, especially if we bear in mind the difficult times that research is going through due to lack of subsidies and state support. In fact the Biotechnology section has only been financed by seven Phase 1 projects throughout Europe to date, with only two in Spain, of which one is that obtained by BIÓTICA.