Biótica was at this trade fair with Water I.D., Water Testing Equipment, a German company specialised in equipment for testing different parameters in water with which it has developed Legipid-PrimeLab.

This devise is a mobile photometer that allows measurements to be taken by different wavelengths, several water parameters (pH, alkalinity, turbidity, hardness, etc.) and, among others, the concentration of Legionella obtained with the Legipid kit, the star product of the Biótica company from Castellón. Legipid is capable of detecting the presence of Legionella in just 1 hour.

This product captures this bacterium thanks to magnetic particles that have specific antibodies against Legionella on their surface. This product provides a quantitative result of the Legionella present in a building. LEGIPID® Legionella Fast Detection is currently the only rapid Legionella test with international certification by the AOAC Research Institute.