The aim of the recently signed agreement was to support the creation and acceleration of knowledge-based companies with a strong growth potential through UNINVEST’s investment support.

The collaboration between both these organisations will centre mainly on the TBCs located in the member parks of APTE. This association will contribute to the agreement signed with a selection of TBCs from among the entities located in the member parks of APTE. APTE will propose their suitability so that UNINVEST can evaluate their potential in investment processes. Likewise, APTE will provide information about the business projects which are currently in their conceptualisation stage and are still to be developed in parks.

UNINVEST is committed to
evaluate the proposals put forward by TBCs and presented by APTE. Those that are positively evaluated will be able to participate in either investment processes that manage a venture capital company or financing rounds. It will also provide specialised counselling and collaboration with the business projects selected so that it meets its objectives and to evaluate the projects that are undergoing an incubation process.