The registration period for the fourth edition of the UJI Emprèn OnSocial programme is
now open.
The period for registering for UJI Emprèn OnSocial, the programme that promotes
social, environmental and technological entrepreneurship from the Universitat Jaume I
(UJI), is now open from 5 to 20 October (both inclusive).
This programme which, has to date created six companies during its previous editions,
addresses the whole university community, especially undergraduate, master and
post-graduate students who study at the UJI, those students who finished their studies
in the last 5 years, plus UJI teaching, research, services and administration staff
The requirement must be met to participate is to undertake a social or technological
business project without any company being set up at the time you register for the
programme. Anyone interested can register at using
the form provided for this purpose.
Of all the registrations made, the Admission Board will assess the 25 best projects
based on innovation criteria, their socio-economic impact, the potential commitment
for the promoting person or team to work, the project’s feasibility and scalability, as
well as gender equality in the promoting team.
As a novelty, this programme edition will be held online. In the first stage, led by the
INCREA Chair of Innovation, Creativity and Learning, an experiential learning series will
be provided to emphasise the perceptions of the future male and female
entrepreneurs of the competitive bases of their initiatives. In the second phase, led by
the Science and Technology Park of the UJI (Espaitec), the necessary mechanisms to
enter the market will be facilitated to help to create a sustainable company by taking
into account the social impact it generates.
Throughout this process, the participating projects will be accompanied by a
specialised mentor from the SECOT team, who will help and guide you to make
progress with your project.
All those that finish the programme and put it to good use will receive a certificate of
entrepreneurial competences, and will be able to take part in the call of the €10,000
grants for each best initiative at the end of 2021 organised by the UJI and Banco