The Jury of the 17 Research Award of the Social Council for the Researcher Career Category decided to allocate this award, which comes with a €6,000 prize and a diploma, to Professor Rosa Llusar Barelles, Professor in the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló. Dr. Llusar has an extensive research career in the Chemistry of Metal Clusters, with special emphasis placed on its physico-chemical properties to develop new multipurpose molecular materials with interesting technological applications in catalysis, molecular electronics and medicine.

The Jury decided to allocate the 8th UJI Student Entrepreneur Initiative Award, which comes with a €6,000 prize and a diploma, to José Jesús Domínguez Talamantes. He graduated in Building Engineering at the Universitat Jaume I. He comes from the company INOIBERICA, Interactive Entertainment Engineering, a technology-based company that provides innovation and added value to the tourist sector by developing products whose purpose is to generate more social and interactive entertainment to attract new visitors and to make current ones loyal.

Finally, the Jury of the 7 University Teaching Excellence Award decided to allocate these awards, which come with prizes of €2,000 and a diploma, to: Irene Comins Mingol, a contracted PhD lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; Sergio Barrachina Mir, a tenured university lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the School of Technology and Experimental Sciences; Andrea Planchadell Gargallo, a tenured university lecturer in the Department of Public Law at the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences.

These awards will be received on 26 February 2016 during an official act to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the public university in the city of Castellón.