The second edition of Grand Prix Robot ended with successful participation and 15 robots developed in only 24 h. The variety of participant profiles stood out in this edition, and ranged from young beginnners in robotics who still have no link with the Universitat Jaume I, to teachers and experienced computer research personnel. This was a setting in which knowledge and experiences were shared with good public participation.

After 24 hours of hard work, the developed robots had to follow a line and perform interactive activities that provided bonuses. Progress included tests of various levels of difficulty, such as identifying short cuts, reading a coloured bar code, which only the best groups knew how to programme.

The final included two rounds. In the first one, the teams decided to take a risk and most went off the track. In the second round, the Mickey Returns group won, which was formed by Ruben Prades, Miguel Rogells and Carlos Renau.

Apart from intensive group work, several talks were offered during the robotics competition. Gustavo Adolfo Casañ Núñez, from the RobInLab research group, presented its NAO and Robonova robots, and several 3D-printed hand prostheses. The Hexaiteam student video games group explained its experience in the 2015 edition.

The organisers of this event, engiOn and HackCS, gave a DEMO of 3D printers in operation. A work bank was organised for the most dangerous assembly operations, like welding, and using thermofusible glue, drills and multislicing tools.

The event also allowed other projects to be known that are promoted by UJI students and are based at espaitec: the UJI Electric Racing Team, participants in the Motostundent competition; UJI Motorsport and the éBRICKhouse project.