The Universitat Jaume I Governing Body has approved the recognition of three new innovative technology firms according to that set out in the rules on UJI Technology-based firms or Innovative firms.

The firm Emotional Apps S.L.specialises in developing mobile phone and web applications to share Emotions; Ubik Geospatial Solutions S.L. is dedicated to using geospatial technology to develop and implement projects, services and mobile phone applications for the management of urban, social and environmental information in the smart cities context; Energy Apps S.L. develops and commercialises a system of made-to-measure electronic devices and energy control, and a set of management applications for smartphones, tablets and computers designed specifically for domestic installations and other similar characteristics.

Technology-based companies (TBC) are firms created by UJI university community members, are innovative or technology-based and exploit technology, knowledge or the results of UJI´s own research, and firms can be promoted or invested by the UJI, or are firms which wish to set up in the University’s installations without having necessarily been linked to it previously.