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The Castellón Council Offices and Espaitec start the sixth edition of the Castellón Global Program

May 25, 2018 Espaitec

The nine selected companies come from eight areas and operate in eight different sectors

The Castellón Council Offices and espaitec have begun the sixth edition of the  Castellón Global Program, an initiative that encourages innovation and growth in the business fabric in the province of Castellón, whose first five editions have helped to create more than 50 job posts in the 50 participating companies.

The nine companies selected for this edition come from eight areas in the province of Castellón and operate in eight different sectors. This demonstrates not only the scope of this initiative throughout our province, but also that innovation is established in traditional sectors like inland cork production, tourism or the agrofood sector. Then there are innovating companies that operate in the information and telecommunication sectors, among others.

It is worth highlighting how well this programme has been accepted in family companies that have changed from one generation to the next in this edition, which correspond to five of the nine selected companies. Two companies participate in the recently created company category, and two others in the well-established innovation-seeking category.

During the event that presented the programme, Salvador Aguilella, the Councillor of Economic Promotion, emphasised “the broad scope of this programme, whose present edition includes companies from small towns like Cinctorres or Azuébar. It is yet another sign of how useful this initiative is and shows that innovation is a source of wealth as we place at their disposal a pioneering programme to optimise their resources, growth and to help create job posts in our towns”.

Jesús Lancis, who acted as the Vice-Rector of Research and PhD studies, stressed “the importance of programmes like the Castellón Global Program to keep bringing closer the Universitat Jaume I to all Castellón towns”. In the programme’s training phase, Lancis also emphasised “the nine selected companies are now beginning an interesting training programme that lasts 100 hours, designed to examine in-depth the main business areas of knowledge with teachers whose careers in the business world are outstanding”

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