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An Espaitec breakfast. How to (really) implement strategies: Project Management

Aug 02, 2018 Espaitec

Did you know that those companies which generally use project management to fulfil their objectives obtain a 92% success rate as opposed to one of 32% for those that do not? And that the companies which employ PMI methodologies waste much less money on failed projects at a rate of 1.4% as opposed to 29.1%?

On Thursday 13 September we will organise a new Espaitec business breakfast during which basic project management aspects and their methodologies for implementing successful business strategies will be made known. To this end, we will be visited by Miguel Femenia Cholbi, the Chair of the Valencia Section of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Attendance is free by previously registering with this form.

The main objectives of this exclusive event for Espaitec-linked companies and the Castellón Global Program Companies Club are:

  • Making known the projects management discipline and its benefits
  • Presenting the Project Management Institute (PMI) and its contributions through the Valencia Section of the PMI
  • Providing a basic notion of its methodology to the start-ups and SMEs linked to the Espaitec ecosystem

After this informative breakfast, any interested companies will be able to use the “Itinerant Consultancy at Espaitec” services which, on this occasion, centre on project management methodologies. If in doubt or you need advice on handling the management of any of your projects, you can apply for a 15-minute meeting with PMI Valencia for personalised counselling. To book a meeting, it is necessary to contact us before Tuesday 11 September at espaitec@espaitec.uji.es or to ring (+34) 964 387 385 by indicating the theme of interest. Bear in mind that the number of meetings is limited to four companies.

The breakfast schedule:

08:30–08:45h      Companies arrive, coffee and introductions

08:45–09:30h      Talk on “How to (really) implement strategies: Project Management.”

09:30–10:30h      Legal Itinerant Consultancy at Espaitec, ask PMI Valencia.

About the speaker and the PMI

Miguel Femenia Cholbi is the Chair of the Valencia Section of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Miguel became a Computing Engineer by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), and specialises in physical systems; he is a university specialist in company consultancy by the UNED and the EDP, the Executive Development Programme, by the IESE Business School of the University of Navarra. As part of his work’s experience in project management, his Manager post of Proyectos Cross at Vodafone España stands out, where he has led a team of project directors who manage Vodafone’s Cross-functional projects.

The Project Management Institute is the world’s main project management organisation. Founded in 1969 in the USA, and today with almost 480,000 members worldwide, its main objective is to set standards in project management, organise seminars and educational programmes, and to certify professionals.

With this action we continue a series of monthly talks, workshops and seminars that Espaitec organises to improve business skills and to encourage networking. Such action is supported by the Regional Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana.