If you are an entrepreneur or a consolidated businessman who is committed to innovation, networking, knowledge transfer, talent, new technologies or business synergies, espaitec is your place. If you also want to locate your company in modern, functional facilities, adapted to the different phases that a company goes through and surrounded by all types of services, we have three buildings and several connection possibilities at your disposal. You sign up?



Incubator building for innovative business projects in the initial phase where the central facilities of the park and the management team are located. It has 2000 m2 distributed in different spaces, designed for the different stages of a business project, and adapted to the needs of each project: offices, laboratories-workshops, coworking areas and shared work spaces.


  • 8 offices of 44,63m2
  • 3 laboratories / workshop of 88,80m2
  • Meeting room with capacity for 6 people
  • Meeting room with capacity for 20 people
  • Video conference room
  • 2 coworking rooms with 4 work tables per room
  • Shared work space area
  • Dining/Cafe

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Building for companies in the growth phase and consolidated innovative companies that want to be linked to the espaitec ecosystem, promote their synergies with the Universitat Jaume I, with national and international innovation agents and with the rest of the linked companies.


It has 9.700 m2 distributed over 5 floors where offices, workshops and laboratories can be installed. The spaces adapt to the growth rate of the company and the rates are adjusted to the spaces occupied by the company in each stage of its life. There is also the possibility of sharing spaces between several collaborating companies.


  • 4 laboratories with administrative area. Average size of 214 m2 divided into different modules
  • 12 offices with an average size of 230 m2 divided into different modules
  • 4 workshops with administrative area. Average size of 320 m2 divided into different modules.
  • Multipurpose room with capacity for 90 people and terrace
  • 4 meeting rooms with capacity for 6, 8, 12 and 18 people
  • Dining room/café with terrace. Equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and vending machines.
  • Underground parking with 74 spaces and 18 warehouses of 12 m2

Here you can virtually visit ESPAITEC 2


This building is the first medium-sized TIER III and IV data center in Europe operated by the Tissat company. An eco-efficient service center for the ICT market with very high performance that enhances growth based on efficiency criteria in all aspects of service provision to improve the competitiveness of clients.


Main features of the building:

  • Designed to host cloud computing services.
  • Energy production with Trigeneration. It also has a quintuple redundant system.
  • Overhead distribution of power, data and climate.
  • Intelligent control: integration between IT management systems and energy infrastructure.
  • Sustainable building, power usage effectiveness, PUE < 1,1
  • It is the first Tier IV certified by Uptime Institute in southern Europe.
  • Awarded by “Datacenter Leaders Awards 2010” to the first medium-sized data center in Europe.



The Scientific, Technological and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I has a buildable area of ​​117.593,50 m2. In addition to the three buildings built, it has an urbanized area of ​​48.765 m2 distributed in different plots prepared to install innovative companies and leading research centers. This is land for technological use, aimed at research, development and innovation activities. Plots to house R&D&I centers, firms in the technology sector and advanced technology service companies.

Plan in PDF

Spaces ready for the installation of innovative companies have the following characteristics:

  • Minimum area: 450 m2
  • Maximum buildable area: 5 m2t/m2s
  • Maximum height: 20 meters
  • Maximum occupancy on plot: 100%