Espaitec, Scientific and Technological Park of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló, is an innovative space made up of technology-based companies that work in different economic sectors with the aim of contributing, in a quantified and recognized way, to the socioeconomic development of the province and the diversification of its business fabric through innovation.

After 15 years of activity we have created a reference environment in Castellón aimed at welcoming, supporting, promoting and growing innovative business initiatives, in addition to facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology developed at the University.

In short, Espaitec is a space at the Universitat Jaume I to experiment through innovation, create new professional opportunities by generating technology-based companies, bring together and anchor talent, promote 360º innovation as a way of life and generate wealth through the transfer of knowledge to society.

espaitec building 1



We promote the linking of innovative and technology-based companies to the Park, increasing their competitiveness through innovation, and we facilitate access to creative environments, experimentation and prototyping spaces to develop innovative and disruptive projects.

Knowledge transfer

We act as a link between the Universitat Jaume I and society to facilitate the technology and knowledge generated by the University.


We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among the university community by promoting the transformation of innovative ideas into the creation of projects with social and technological impact.


Espaitec is located in a strategic location within the Riu Sec Campus, a space where the activity of the Universitat Jaume I takes place and where the university community lives together while enjoying ideal facilities. In addition, it has become a space open to society through the various cultural and sports activities that are organized there. With an area of ​​more than 750.000 m2, the campus has changed the appearance of the city of Castelló to contribute to its expansion and modernization.

Furthermore, belonging to Espaitec means being surrounded by more than 14.000 students with great talent, creativity and desire to grow professionally, as well as various research groups of excellence in various areas of knowledge.