There are some objective reasons that make us stand out from other business areas in our province. Advantages and commitments that make espaitec a unique setting to grown in and to compete with innovation.

Here are 10 points to summarise it:

Long way companion

Forming part of espaitec means being accompanied throughout the business creation and consolidation process. This means that espaitec is with you and your company in its various project stages to grow with you, achieved through periodical meetings with companies to know what they need and to adapt our offer to their business development at all times.

Work in a network

Work is done better in company, which is what we do at espaitec with the best internal and external agents. At the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) we collaborate with: the Cooperation Office for Technological Research and Development (OCIT); UJI Empren; the Cátedra Increa and student associations, among many others. Externally we belong, among other networks, to the Network of Valencian Scientific Parks (rePCV) and to the Spanish National Assembly of Technological Parks (APTE)

Global innovation ecosystem

Being linked to espaitec means belonging to the global innovation ecosystem; e.g., collaborating actively with the main innovation and technology transfer agents internationally, such as the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) or the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)

Business synergies

More than half of the companies hosted at and linked to espaitec actively collaborate with other espaitec-linked companies and UJI research groups. There are endless ways to collaborate: temporary company unions which give rise to new start-ups; collaboration arrangements for specific projects; exchanging services; developing technologies together; knowledge transfer, etc. You decide with whom to collaborate and how, and we provide you with the contacts

Adapted services at all times

Espaitec wishes to facilitate your day-to-day activities with general services that improve your work productivity, and advanced services to help you meet your objectives. The general services we offer include installations maintenance, security and access control services, among others. For our advanced services, we have designed a services package to help your business grow and improve: internationalisation, seeking finance, transfer, talent spotting, among others

Flexible linkage options that adapt to your requirements

No matter what you are looking for, espaitec has the room and infrastructure for all types of business requirements. We adapt places to your company size and offer numerous linkage forms. You can have your own office, workshop or laboratory; you can also begin as a co-worker. If these forms are not suitable, you can be linked virtually or you can design your own building in the Park’s buildable plots.

Establishing a network of unique contacts

Apart from the generated synergies by being an espaitec-linked company, we place at your disposal a network of highly valuable national and international contacts. We act as a connector between espaitec-linked companies and a network of professional experts in different activity sectors and public organisations. Let us know what you need and we will start looking for references.

Much more than a working area

A unique and easy-to-access setting where to spend your working days, collaborate with UJI research groups, coming into contact with university talent, making the most of the Campus’ sport facilities, benefitting from family and work conciliation services, having access to most UJI installations and services, etc.

European projects and specific aid for such environments

Forming part of espaitec means being able to opt to participate in all the European projects that we promote. If you have identified a project, we help you to carry it out through our project management office. You will also be able to apply for subsidies, announcements and specific national and local programmes for espaitec-linked companies and organisations.

Image and visibility

Forming part of espaitec means associating your brand name with values like innovation, knowledge, technology and talent. Through our communication department, which is linked to UJI’s Communication Services and to UJI’s Science Communication Unit, we confer visibility to espaitec-linked companies by supporting them to diffuse news and organising events.

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