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A project to monitor the state of the dependent elderly’s well-being receives the first On Social PARCTEC Award

Jul 21, 2017 Espaitec

The awards were received during the third Project event and centred on financing models to promote social innovation and social entrepreneurship

The General Universitat Jaume I Foundation organised the third On Social PARCTEC Project event at espaitec, a programme cofinanced by the Castellón Council Offices which, on this occasion, centred on the available financing and mentoring models to promote social innovation through social entrepreneurship. An event in which six of the best organisations that support entrepreneurial initiatives with a social impact locally, nationally and internationally participated: SHIP2B, Fundación Socialnest, Jovesolides, Bridge for Billions, Bolsa Social and FEVECTA/BETACOOP.

III Jornada OnSocial PARCTECThe candidate projects for the Seeking Ideas with Impact (BIC) awards were presented during the event, an initiative for university community members with innovative, sustainable and feasible ideas. These awards seek to support university entrepreneurs by selecting projects with a triple impact: business, social and environmental.

The first award for the best idea with social impact went to the project “Senior Monitoring”, by Oscar Belmonte, a teacher in the UJI Department of Computer Languages and Systems. The objective of this project is to use new technologies to know the state of the dependent eldery’s well-being at all times by alerting users if an abnormal or dangerous situation arises. This ward received €750 and a free 3-month incubation in Bridge for Billions, the first online incubator in Spain for social entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

The second award with €500 went to the project “Podium” by Victor Meliá, who works with the company Soluciones Cuatroochenta that is physically located at espaitec. The objective of this project is to promote healthy habits and to solve problems like pollution and mobility in cities. Podium intends to stimulate users to more frequently use bicycles for their daily travels.

The project “Purpose” by Javier Alonso, an Industrial Design and Product Development Degree student, was the winner of the third award with €500. His idea consists in designing, building and distributing a musical instrument that adapts to people with functional diversity. This product combines adaptability, functionality and design, and provides access to society as a whole to musical interpretation.

All three award-winners and the other candidate ideas registered for the BICI competition, 13 ideas in all, will be able to participate in the new entrepreneurial programme in the social and technological domain that the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) will put into practice when the next academic year starts. This programme, which provides guidance in social, entrepreneurial and social innovation orientation, intends to help transfer talent and knowledge for them to become initiatives that respond to or solve problems which the society in the province of Castellón has.