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Solutions to preserve forests or to improve the food donation system feature among the UJI Emprèn OnSocial projects

Jul 06, 2018 Espaitec

Today Espaitec hosted the final projects presentation event. and also included a talk by Margarita Albors, the founder of the Social Nest Foundation

This morning five interdisciplinary groups of university students presented the projects developed via the first edition of the UJI Emprèn On Social programme, an initiative to promote social and technological entrepreneurship at the UJI, promoted by the INCREA Chair and Espaitec, with the collaboration of SECOT Castellón. This programme’s first edition participants came from four faculties, which guarantees the programme’s cross-sectional nature.

After a talk by Margarita Albors from the Social Nest Foundation, who stressed the importance of creating social impact with profitable and sustainable business projects, the presentation of projects began, with entrepreneurial ideas that provide solutions to the social challenges considered by the university community on the platform: www.espaitec.uji.es/onsocial

Eatopy was the first presented project developed by Francisco Vidan. It consists in a tool to solve allergy and food intolerance problems economically and safely. Next was the turn of Joan Esteban Altabella with the GreenFlight project, a start-up that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to preserve forests, or to help recover areas degraded by fire, waste spillage or spreading plagues. Martín Sánchez was the third to present his project MEITPRO, Mobile Emotional Intelligence Test, an interactive solution to improve occupational climates and productivity in companies by evaluating and training in emotional intelligence in organisational settings.

No-one without their daily ration, presented by Andrea Lorenzo Chiva, was the fourth project that aims to improve today’s food donations system and the social integration of disadvantaged people. An action plan devised to raise awareness in society by designing a fluent sustainable network to link society-supermarket-donation-social/beneficiary organisation. Finally, Santiago Rosado i Orquín presented Viaèticus, an accreditation organisation which, by creating local certificates, certifies, measures and controls the contribution of companies’ local and global sustainable development.

In the next stage of this programme, entrepreneurs can come into contact with potential investors via the module http://espaitec.uji.es/onsocial/eCapital/ available on the platform. This section addresses private investors, business angels, family offices or accelerators interested in identifying start-ups with social and technological impact.

This programme is financed by the Regional Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana as part of entrepreneurial promotion line PPC18.